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How We Serve You

A Comprehensive Set of Skills to Give Life to Your Project


The ClearCodeX Difference

At ClearCodex we pride ourselves in developing both friendly, but professional and efficient relationships. We are a tight knit group and treat our clients like one of us! We Are EXPERIENCED. It is that simple. Our experience runs deep and we bring a profound understanding of all facets of our field including: consulting, networking, servers, mobile backend supporting services and experience with public and business apps. This EXPERIENCE gives us vast insight into all aspects; developing the most precise configuration for your needs.

We recognize and work with you on a cost vs. need vs. app development basis. We Build What You Need. NO B.S.

Why Choose ClearCodeX?

What Sets Us Apart from Your Typical App Development Company

Friendly and Efficient

Not every developer is a people person, but we have a team of them! We work as your team exhibiting strong communication and planning to help your project succeed.

Backend Support

It’s more than just coding. An exquisite app has exquisite architecture. The ClearCodeX team of experts develop the perfect architecture and technology for your product.

Public and Business Apps

By including you in our incremental quality assurance process, your’re guaranteed that no stone has been left unturned and no surprises are waiting at the end.

Full Consultation

Working intimately with our clients, we take your initial concept and merge it with everything the ClearCodeX team knows about networks, servers, and mobile apps.

Project Flexibility

We can build anything your app could possibly need and we can support any technology the app demands. iOS, PHP, Android... we’ve got it all under control!

How Our Process Works

It is the rock that your app is built upon.

Branding & Design

Our designers have mastered the fine art of creatively designing and illustrating while maintaining a profound respect and understanding of what does and doesn’t work successfully for app layouts.

Development & Launch

It’s more than just coding. An exquisite app has exquisite architecture. The ClearCodeX team of experts develops the perfect architecture and technology for your product.


Launching an app is no cakewalk, but we still have more work to do! Marketing! Marketing! Marketing! ClearCodeX has a healthy network of in-house and partner marketing experts.

Getting Noticed

We don’t leave your app site unseen. We have relationships with Apple and Android. If there’s any way to get your app featured in the App Store, we’ll find it.

The ClearCodeX Team

We are professionals that work together to build your ideas.

Michael Silvers


Co-Founder of ClearCodeX, Inc

Mike brings over 15 years of experience programming, managing servers, web development, multiple platforms including any Linux Administration, Windows, OS X and over 5 years of experience developing mobile apps.

Mike is also a consulting mastermind and business developer. His years within the IT Consulting Industry gives his clients an advantage to draw upon.

Graduated from Salisbury University with a Bachelors of Science, Information Systems degree.

Ryan Coyne

Lead Mobile Developer

Co-Founder of ClearCodeX, Inc

Ryan brings exceptional quality, design and development to the ClearCodeX team. He has over 2 years experience developing mobile apps for various sectors and has no shortage of fresh ideas.

Graduated from University of Maryland Eastern Shore with a Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering degree.

The ClearCodeX Promise

We build what you need. With no B.S.

We can build anything your app could possibly need and we can support any technology the app demands. We build public iOS apps, internal business iOS apps for contract businesses, Linux administration that supports any server infrastructure your app requires, programming in PHP for backend support of apps and JSON and XML for back end app communications!

WHEW! You see? We really do build it all!

What Our Clients Say

You’ve heard enough from us, now hear from a partner.

“I came to ClearCodeX needing an iOS application for Kitchology. Little did I know, my needs were quite complex. Mike and Ryan didn’t flinch at the complexity of my project. If it weren’t for their knowledge and experience, I could only imagine what may have happened. They worked extremely efficiently and were always friendly and available to make sure I understood the entire process. I couldn’t have asked for a smoother process. I didn’t have to worry about anything. If you’re looking for a company to take the stress and uncertainty out of a project that needs built and turn it into a smooth operating dream, Mike & Ryan are your guys!”

-Dr. Alain Briancon, Kitchology, Inc

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